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A Brother's Price

Mon, 07/05/2010 - 5:16pm -- Joey

Chapter 01

Well, that first part was strange.  An alternate world where woman are in charge, and men are "sold into marriage," because they are so rare.  Not only that, but it's done western style.  I'm in for a ride I see.  Still, it only seems strange so far.

This chick in the ditch Jarin and Heria are going to save--totally the love interest for Jarin in the story.  I predict that now, lol.

And the evidence keeps on piling.  She is totally going to fall in love with Jerin.

A western with swords and queens and princesses.  I didn't see that this woman would have been important.  I thought she might be a rogue something or other.  I guess this could be good for Jerin.  He may get to marry up because of it.  I was also skeptical throughout this chapter, until I got to this last bit.  It's clear this is a fantasy story.  I'm wondering if this started as a thought experiment.  At first, I thought it was going to be feminist propaganda, but this isn't that at all ... at least, it doesn't seem that way.  In either case, I'm going to keep reading.  So good job, Spencer!

Chapter 02

The famous, infamous Whistlers, huh?  What's that all about?

What an interesting moment.  I couldn't see this scene played by men.  Not really.  Clearly feminine, but not one I know all that well.  Talking about boys, but in the detached way men do, but still with an element of playfulness that is typically female.  This world is definitely interesting.  Spencer has definitely gotten me to suspend my disbelief, because I'm totally into the plot.

Yep, this is totally a fantasy ... that near sex scene. Haha!  Maybe I was wrong about the "love interest" thing.  I'm not sure this world works that way.  He's totally got these sisters' attention though.  He's got to get a good marriage out of this deal!

Chapter 03

Well, I guess women still tend to be paranoid.  That chase was dramatic, mostly because Ren was freaking out!  She's not a Down with Love girl!

Something crazy is going on.  Would those women really do that to their husband?  Doesn't seem plausible.  Maybe it is though, I don't fully understand this world yet.

Wowza.  It's kinda hot in here right now.

Chapter 04 through 08

So, the reason there are no notes for chapters 4-7 is because the power went out today, I'm too lazy to write them by hand, and the book is WAY too good to take the time to jot.  Typing is so much more convenient.  If you've been reading along with me, you wouldn't have wanted to stop to read this commentary.

Jerin has just made his first public appearance.  Many stares.  He's got to marry Ren and her sisters.  That's the only way.  Where the heck is Halley?

Chapter 09

Nothing but dead ends, and leads going no where.  I must be missing something.  Still entertaining (even after taking a few weeks off from reading it).  I like that there are action sequences like this throughout the book.  It really keeps my interest.  I've never heard of grapeshot before.  Cool.  Good to know.

Chapter 10

This book is a little wicked in places.  These princesses stealing kisses from Jerin.  Total fantasy, and something I expected out of this book.  In fact, it was the ONLY thing I expected out of this book.  There was a little woman-power propaganda thrown in to boot, but it was amusing.  This whole book is amusing.  And it's one obstacle after another.  Trini, the hold out ... but she does have a good reason.

Let's face it.  We all know Jerin's going to end up marrying the princesses.  The Whistlers are going to get their brother's price (maybe even more), and be catalyst to the recovery of the stolen cannons.  The only thing that remains a mystery to me who is behind the cannon stealing and how does it tie in?

Chapter 11

Well, it's good that Halley is alive, and that she approves of Jerin ... but ... does SHE have anything to do with the stolen cannons?  She's close by.  Is she "undercover?"  Hrm.  Many things to consider.  Also, will this letter be enough for Queen Mother Eldest?

Chapter 12

Okay, so maybe this can be a (straight) man's fantasy too.  Hah!

I KNEW things were going too well.  Keifer!  DAMN HIM!

Yeah, totally a man's fantasy too there at the end of the chapter.  I didn't think we'd get to the marriage this early in the story.  I guess things turned out alright, but now I'm wondering what this has to do with everything else.  This betrayal of Keifer's has to be connected to the stolen cannons by something.  And Halley is involved in some way.  Maybe she already knows all this and is already at work against it?

Chapter 13

A romance turned action, but we knew there was going to be SOME action.  Jerin escaped his kidnappers.   I think Cira is Halley.  It makes so much sense, and Spencer was basically SHOUTING it in the end of this chapter.  Kij, Keifer's sister, was also his lover.  Joy!  Haha.  I hate to say it, but this sorta reminds me of Twilight.  Not that there are glittery vampires or anything, but the main story is a romance ... the action is thrown in for kicks.  Let's see how serious it's going to get.

Chapter 14

"'We can start a new trend.  One wife per husband.'"  Wen Spencer, you are the master of timing.  I'm glad this joke found a nice spot--I wasn't expecting it!

Chapter 16

A nice ending.  Personally, I think Stephanie Meyer can take some notes out of this book.  It's definitely a romantic adventure that doesn't fail to deliver on the epic portion of the story.  So much happened there at the end, I wasn't sure I had guessed it right.  Alas, I had and all's well that ends well!  The role reversal was interesting.  I'm not sure it was altogether realistic, but I was totally into Spencer's world.  I wish there were more stories to come from here, but I don't think there will be.

Now I need to decide what to read next!

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